‘Appy Days – Thank F*** for Fiksu

I can’t believe I’ve just almost, nearly ever-so-slightly used the “F” word in a public blog post…am I losing it? Yes, but that was years ago – BACK to the point…

I’ve recently taken on an incredibly exciting project to do with apps, one app in particular in fact – a brand new one. Trouble is a) it’s probably the most competitive market out there and b) I know diddly squat about apps…in fact, presenting me with anything app-based has this effect…



BUT in true Visebility style, we go round the houses until we hit the right result – in this particular case, Fiksu.

A Pricey Magic Wand
How many times has your Mum said to you “I wish I had a magic wand so I could just go “swoosh” and the house would clean itself!”? Well, I don’t have sprinkle dust for Kim and Aggie but in an app-sense, Fiksu is your one stop shop. They DO have a metaphorical magic wand but they DON’T come cheap, and quite rightly so – 10k guaranteed of downloads from a pre-launch along with custom recommendations for your advertising budget on launch? Not a bad deal…

The Best Things in Life
Luckily, you don’t have to pay for their considerable expertise which is the main reason I was inspired to write this post – SO much of their content is free and available to our app-enthused cyber hub. Fiksu indexes give masses of free tangible data that stat heads can work with and similarly, their free webinars for the more creative are thorough and insightful. In a nutshell I’d say as much effort goes into their free resource as it does their paid services.

Hold it!
Before you start obviously I’m sure they get a LOT of business from their free resources but for their webinar service, all you have to do is complete a (short) data capture email form to view which I did a few days ago now and still no promotional marketing email alert from them…although I’m not sure whether to take that as a sign that I’m not worth the bother… *insert mild hmmmph* 🙂

Two of their webinars I’d highly recommend are:
1. This one on general marketing strategy for apps
2. This one on Facebook Mobile App Installs – really useful insights and explanations in there

Digi Meets ‘Appy
I’ve seen it written that digital people can’t do mobile, and that much seems partially true…for now at least. There are definite similarities I can garner between reported algorithms for the app store vs web, and if you’ve go an Android app – happy days! You’re just working with Google again. Three of the main disparities I can manage to infer though are that:

1) The progressive way in which downloads are used to determine ranking means mid-high rankings look to be fairly unstable
2) App stores release NO data identifying where downloads originate from making it nearly impossible to formulate channel priorities (thanks Forrester for your study!)
3) As supposed to having no effect, paid advertising for apps has a positive effect on app store ranking as it impacts downloads

There we have it – a big thank you to Fiksu for your resource, one of the best around.