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Advanced Link Acquisition and Auditing: SMX Summary

Links_MazeSearch Engine Land recently wrote a fabulous write up of an advanced SMX link building session…as this was published on June 17th – my birthday (no I’m not saying how old) I took it as a sign! Here is my round up of, eeerr – their round up…

Brand is Best
One interesting thing that’s extremely valuable to know considering keyword searches are dropping in favour of branded searches is that brand mentions are also valuable, even sans le-link! With Google watching links, traffic, emails…it’s hardly a push to see they’re tracking brand mentions and I expect brand sentiment too. So, brand mentions are a good thing to do, even without a corresponding link.

Utilizing Resources and Links
It’s time consuming searching for outreach prospects one by one (and tedious), but chances are someone’s already done it before you, and created a list, a published list. Using search parameters such as below given by the SMX speakers can help you locate resources and lists relevant to your niche:
• inurl:resources
• inurl:helpful-resources
• inurl: + “[industry keyword]” + Site: (.gov, .org, .edu .mil)

Damage Control
There were a few notes in the summary about getting rid of your dodgy links before receiving any kind of automated or manual penalty. Prevention is better than cure!

Social Media
Building a relationship prior to gunning for a link makes things so so SO much easier. I’d love to see some stats on success rates for this method of outreach because I bet they’re high.

Become a Resource
By getting out there and genuinely producing useful stuff a lot of the hard work will be done for you – people will come to YOU wanting you to write for them. Put the effort into other methods too, but creating a solid resource for others from your blog and extending that reach via social seems like the easiest – and cleanest thing to do.

Understand Your Current Landscape – And Your Competitors
There are a ton of free tools that can tell you pretty much everything you could think of about your link profile. Analysing the linkscape of who’s doing well, and who’s doing not so well can give you great insights as to what sort of thing works and (we’re all thinking it!) what you might be able to get away with in SOME niches (ie gambling or adult).

New Tools, Please
So many awesome new tools were listed that I had to make a list! I’ve not had a chance to check them all out yet but if they made it to SMX, you know they’re good.

  • Ubersuggest – data gathering for keywords
  • GrepWords – keyword segmentation
  • – check backlinks and analyse sites for social signals, the more the better
  • ContentRunner – an idea engine that can take your keywords and return popular-related searches, YES!
  • Panguin tool – checks for both updates (Sistrix is another good one for this)

Read the post for more tool and the full summary – it’s a gooden’!

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