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Evolving your campaign

SEO ComputerSearch engine optimisation is an ever changing concept, constantly evolving and requiring those in it to do the same. A multi faceted industry, it can almost be seen as an artform, open to individual interpretation and management.

After commencing a campaign and monitoring it’s progress you can use a number of assessment tools to decide which steps to take next, what initiatives are successful, what pages yield the highest number of conversions, referrals, organic searches, visitor numbers and bounce rates. Looking at these regularly (I try for at least once a week) can add value to your campaign and prove your adaptability in SEO.

Google Analytics
A wonderful tool, comprehensive and consistently improved upon to provide more features and insights. The new layout allows you to see where visits are coming from, for example referral, organic or paid. The not provided feature is irritating and likely to get worse however other results and the way in which they are visually displayed is useful both for providing easy to understand client feedback and quick and easy access to campaign assessment.

Open Site Explorer
Month on month gain on competitors and your own links, page authority and social shares are all important statistics you can monitor easily with this tool. As any one heavily involved with a single campaign will appreciate it can be either completely exhilarating or desperately demoralising seeing the peaks and troughs in your linkscape or page authority. This linkscape is updated approximately once per month.

Social Build Up (Twitter followers etc)
In 2011 there was significant attention given to the social component of ranking and it’s significance and influence within a campaign. Monitoring your social shares and corresponding these with your ranking can provide both valuable insights into your social network growth and tell you which platform is yielding the most traffic or possibly conversions. In addition to this, by monitoring the social media growth of your competitors in alignment with their ranking you may also be able to see the influence of the social algorithms to your industry. Social may be given more standing in sales or marketing industries and sites compared with investment or political sites for example.

Nowadays there is so much to stay on top of with a campaign, having access to software makes this task so much easier and looks great in front of clients. Effective monitoring and forward-thinking decisions are made easier by collaborative software-thank goodness it exists! SeoMoz and Linkdex are two great packages. Read our previous blog about great SEO resources for some more useful campaign monitoring tools.

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