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In Alignment with Pinterest – Google’s Image Update

I often think the best ideas are the simplest.

Pinterest SEO ConsultantThe idea of Pinterest seems like an astoundingly simple and effective one to me; we all love visual aids therefore why not use images and graphics to recommend things we find on the web?

Pinterest is a fantastic platform whereby the user makes recommendations visually through images that they like. By adding the “Pin It” icon to your bookmarks bar you can pin any image that you wish easily and assign it to one of your themed boards. Stumbleupon allows for the recommendation of great content, this platform allows for the recommendation of great pictures. It’s important to note that images are credited to their original source. *I recently pinned an image I found on Google search to which Google was credited even though the original source may have been from elsewhere, this is the only example I have found though and all others have been seemingly credited correctly.*

The vibrancy and colour make for a fun, effective sharing platform and it is exceedingly easy to use and pick up. Still in its infancy, I hope this platform continues to grow, it’s different and Google seem to be making image related updates too…

This theme of using web imagery seems to integrate seamlessly with a new update brought out by Google on February 23. The official blog post notes that for generic image searches for which related search links at the top of the page appear, a hover feature will now become available. By hovering over a related search term, a panel showcasing some images from the related search term will pop up. This could mean that the need to plug in multiple image searches will reduce as the image filtering process is streamlined. The change will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

Image optimisation has been around for a while and is something we recommend (minus the spam). I personally feel this is a positive move, reducing the number of clicks users have to make and potentially guiding users through image search. Optimised images related to the initial search term could potentially get more exposure if they appear on related searches visually without requiring a click.

I’ve not read many opinions around this one so I’m sure my opinion is one of many. Please add your thoughts!

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