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Onsite Schmonsite…Right?!

Website Onsite Tool BoxMeh – it’s all about building links right? Paying for them, getting them organically – hell even earning them! (novel I know ;)). As long as you’ve got lots and lotsa links you’ll be just fine…

Pah I WISH! A number of trends have gone full circle in the tempestuous (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) cyber-world we call SEO; chief among these onsite optimisation.

Let’s break it down; it used to be important, like REALLY important. Then we got a serious crush on its younger, cooler brother “link-building” in a very big way and left onsite behind a bit. As with any other SEO technique, we abused link-building methods in various stages – by starting with reciprocals, moving swiftly on to directories, to blog comments and finally to article marketing until none of that stuff reallyyyy worked ENOUGH to get the results we wanted anymore. So, we come back to the present day and conclusion (as Google did) that to really understand what a website is about, we should know what’s on it.

I was having a discussion about this a few months ago with a fellow SEO and it re-emerged in our monthly “geek chat” last week – onsite will return, and in a significant way. Below are ten things you need to consider in 2013 for your onsite optimisation:

1. NAP/Contact information prominent and consistent throughout the site (read more here) think carefully also about calls to action
2. Concise and appropriately structured page URL’s
3. Internal linking structure using a mixture of broad and some exact match anchor text
4. Content structure and placement
5. CMS system (easily editable to keep pace with new updates)
6. Redirects (301, 302, canonicals) to pass on any link equity to appropriate pages if any URL’s change with the optimisation process
7. Pictures – optimize images and add alt tags
8. Avoid complex sites and functionality like flash, keep navigation simple
9. Keep the number of clicks to conversion low
10. Create content according to which keyword/s (if multiple keep them VERY closely related) you are targeting on each page

Disagree? Add your comments below.

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