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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 1

Welcome to the New Year – may your businesses be fruitful and your celebratory hangovers minimal. We’ve got a good few years worth of data now having been in business since 2011, so I decided to take a look at this on a macro and micro level, […]

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Online Lead Generation: An Offline Guide

The ability of a business to adapt to its ever-changing environment is integral for survival. And in the field of marketing, and with particular regards to online marketing, this constant change is remarkably rapid. I often get asked how I generate my leads – so I thought […]

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Sporadic Notes for a Standout Year: 2014, It’s Been a Pleasure

It’s been a crazy year and a wonderful year – “on the line” and offline. The world’s become a far scarier place – what with ISIS and beheadings, Syria, Ukraine, MH17 and other man-made catastrophes. But on the other hand, there’ve been some wonderful sporting moments. This […]

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Around #Appsworld in 20 Highlights

I was fortunate enough to attend the Appsworld conference at the Excel centre earlier in November… It was AWESOME – and succeeded in not only keeping me sat in a seat BUT sat in a seat AND interested for two days straight, no mean feat! So yes – […]

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To Love and To Leave: Digital Tactics for 2015

I came across a fantastic presentation by Rand Fishkin on SlideShare, it discusses the minefield of SEO tactics to love – and those to leave – in 2015, something I felt was particularly poignant at this time. I was truly gutted last week to discover an old client […]

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A Box of Tricks: Neat Digital Cheats To Make Your Life Easier

In my 6 years of working in the digital world I’ve realised that some things take a loooooong time – something I’m usually short of – hence my love for shortcuts. Any tool to make life easier and the task completed that little bit quicker is one […]

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Rantin’ and a Raving’

It’s rare I have a rant but there’s a first time for everything… LINKS! I understand that Penguin 3:0 is out or coming out and there’s a risk – or imminent – guest post penalty but, I’ve come across a lot of sarcastic posts mocking anyone who’s […]

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A Digital Dictionary

I bloody hate acronyms…even worse my over-use of them in client meetings. For this reason, I’ve produced a digital dictionary – not quite up to Oxford English standards but a few days works’ worth all the same. Hope you enjoy! And if I’ve missed one out…DON’T tell me! […]

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Facebook Advertising: From Hater to Lover

I know, I know – I’m too school for cool with that title. It’s true though, I never used to get Facebook advertising. But now, around 2 years later I’m probably its biggest fan. Below is a basic Q&A written by someone who’s asked the questions and […]

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Why Google+ Is A Must And Seven Ways To Make The Most Of It

Whenever I say this to a client they all say – but I thought no one used Google+? Actually that’s no longer true; all major brands are on there, it seems fairly populated now and while it will never be Facebook or Twitter, I reckon it does […]

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