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‘Appy Days – Thank F*** for Fiksu

I can’t believe I’ve just almost, nearly ever-so-slightly used the “F” word in a public blog post…am I losing it? Yes, but that was years ago – BACK to the point… I’ve recently taken on an incredibly exciting project to do with apps, one app in particular […]

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Face-to-Facebook: How Rise in Anti-Tech Videos Cover Up Benefits of Social Networking

Recently, the internet has been awash with videos and blogs aimed at demonstrating how reliant we have become on our tech, particularly with regards to social media. Various videos have gone viral and many are re-posting – slightly ironically – in order to show others how much […]

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Content Marketing Pointers

Content marketing if done well, can be an incredibly effective tool. Once upon a time I used to believe a page one ranking was possible through it if you found the right keyword, but from experience (and more than one failure) I now believe that to be […]

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The Proof’s in the PPC

We’re all aware of the potential benefits PPC or Google Adwords can yield when a campaign is conducted properly. The UK digital space is also beginning to realise the value of A/B testing. We’ve crunched some data and run some tests on the impact of a) splitting […]

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The Slideshare Must Go On…

A somewhat undervalued platform in my opinion considering it gives “death by powerpoint” a place to retire peacefully and feel worthwhile again. Sitting in a mundane meeting with a monotone voice to accompany the seemingly endless slides and that ingratiating little page marker that never seems to […]

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Microsys Site Analyser Scores a Hole in One

Now I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to Screaming Frog, Raven, OSE and anything else that gives me a CSV I tend to switch off a bit…mainly because I’m confused and my ego dictates that I should assume boredom. I’ll also admit that I […]

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Implementing Authorship: Straightforward or Sporadic?

I say the latter…for some sites it’s worked, others I’m still waiting – and yes the content is decent. Despite checking everything was set up correctly and headshots were professional I’m still finding this hit and miss. That’s why I’m grateful for this infographic which can explain […]

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Monkeying Around: De-Mystifying the Magento Platform

I hate instructions. As in, I. Really. Hate. Instructions. Instruction manuals are good for one thing and one thing only…firewood. So I can watch them burn… I use this extremely well-thought out and empirically based opinion in everything I do including content management systems; monkeying around, so […]

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Get Creative With Visebility’s Copywriter: Kira Hawker

Hi there – I’m Kira and I work for Visebility as a copywriter. Copywriting has allowed me to embrace my creative side and turned my passion for writing into a job I can really enjoy doing. The written word is an important part of our everyday lives and […]

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Testing Testing 1, 2, 3…

I attended a Moz webinar last week hosted by Cara Harshman, Content Manager at Optimizely, which was extremely insightful – so much so I’ve signed up and am using Optimizely for my clients’ PPC campaigns as we speak. Webinar The webinar went through the basics of A/B […]

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