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The Decline of Facebook and Rise of Google+?

Chart SEO ConsultantsI’ve seen reports that Facebook has over 800,000 active users. That’s an enormous platform and a lot of power. I’ve also seen reports that Facebook is losing users at a substantial rate.

With the inception of Google+ six months ago and a reported 60 million members already, could the pendulum finally be swinging away from the Facebook super-social power?

The inclusion of Google+ results in a Google search and the option to display solely these Google+ results could be an indication of the mighty Google flexing its muscles as the monopoly in the world of search. Already, competitors and big brands such as Twitter are expressing their distaste for the clear favouritism of the Google brand within these new search results. However, just as with an increased prominence of Adwords in search, perhaps there’s little or nothing that can be done to swing things back away from Googles favour.

My personal experience of Google+ is positive; I prefer the interface to Facebook. The features are fantastic, in particular the click and drag for photo upload and ability to put people into circles. However, I wonder whether personalising the SERP’s to this degree isn’t a form of social manipulation. We signed up to Facebook freely. Are we now forced to sign-up to Google+ to gain better search results?

Do share your thoughts below as I know this is causing some ripples in the digital world.

  1. The problem is that Google is now forcing it’s users with gmail addresses to sign up, so I think that the results will be superficial. Even if it has hundreds of millions of users by the end of 2012, they won’t be active users, rather just people who signed up because they had to. I also think that Facebook is far too established to be worried about Google+, but that’s just me!

    Hope the new business is going well, great idea to have a blog.


    • I never thought about it like that actually, I was thinking about MySpace and how social networks tend to come and go, it will be interesting to see the sort of demographic that uses Google+ in a year. Thanks so much for the comment :) x

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