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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our statistics series. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Week 3: The scatter graph below shows the type of website – i.e. Informational or eCommerce, vs the rank increase over a 12 month period. The Results This shows us that […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our statistics series! Recap week 1 here. Week 2: The scatter graph below shows total traffic data combined with budget. The budgets spanned between £50 and £450 per month. The Results The results show that when clients pay between £250 and £350 […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 1

Welcome to the New Year – may your businesses be fruitful and your celebratory hangovers minimal. We’ve got a good few years worth of data now having been in business since 2011, so I decided to take a look at this on a macro and micro level, […]

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Online Lead Generation: An Offline Guide

The ability of a business to adapt to its ever-changing environment is integral for survival. And in the field of marketing, and with particular regards to online marketing, this constant change is remarkably rapid. I often get asked how I generate my leads – so I thought […]

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Sporadic Notes for a Standout Year: 2014, It’s Been a Pleasure

It’s been a crazy year and a wonderful year – “on the line” and offline. The world’s become a far scarier place – what with ISIS and beheadings, Syria, Ukraine, MH17 and other man-made catastrophes. But on the other hand, there’ve been some wonderful sporting moments. This […]

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To Love and To Leave: Digital Tactics for 2015

I came across a fantastic presentation by Rand Fishkin on SlideShare, it discusses the minefield of SEO tactics to love – and those to leave – in 2015, something I felt was particularly poignant at this time. I was truly gutted last week to discover an old client […]

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Tech-Talk Makes Its Way Into The Oxford Dictionary

In the digital industry we love to write and blogging is a marketer’s best friend. Therefore it’s easy to see how tech-jargon can form out of typically English terms. Additionally, in a society that’s always in a rush, shortening and amalgamating language serves to give us more […]

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2014: Predictions That Came True

We have reached the year 2014 and there are no flying cars or hoverboards.  Equally, we do not live in a dystopian horror story run by alien overlords.  It appears that all the predictions we have come across in the media over the past few decades about […]

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Celebrating the Fathers of Modern Technology

With Father’s Day tomorrow, we are all thinking of how our patriarchs have taught us and shaped our lives. From teaching us the core values of life, to imparting knowledge (however useless it may seem at times) to ensuring we have everything we need to face the […]

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What Is Your eCommerce Business Worth?

The e-commerce industry is growing and more and more clients are getting stellar results from ecommerce based online marketing. If you are considering buying or selling an ecommerce business, the guide below should give you a great grasp on what businesses are selling for at the moment […]

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