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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 10

Welcome to week 10 – the final of our statistics series. We hope you enjoyed them and they give you an insight into what we can – and do – achieve. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. […]

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Rantin’ and a Raving’

It’s rare I have a rant but there’s a first time for everything… LINKS! I understand that Penguin 3:0 is out or coming out and there’s a risk – or imminent – guest post penalty but, I’ve come across a lot of sarcastic posts mocking anyone who’s […]

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Advanced Link Acquisition and Auditing: SMX Summary

Search Engine Land recently wrote a fabulous write up of an advanced SMX link building session…as this was published on June 17th – my birthday (no I’m not saying how old) I took it as a sign! Here is my round up of, eeerr – their round […]

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Links and Copied Content: The Removal Process

Ok penguin…thanks a bunch. SERPs are seemingly favouring sites that have stolen our content, engaged in link farms and/or had some automated link building done when we’ve been squeaky clean with ours…well, almost squeaky clean. The bottom line is that link profiles have been hit once more […]

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Churn and Burn Baby…

No I’m not referring to what you do after too much alcohol…I’m not that cool and far too old – I’m talking about domains, and I’m talking about legitimate businesses. There’ve been some juicy arguments going around recently with corresponding blog posts about SEO giant Distilled, its […]

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To Review or Not to Review?

So here we are, the end of January and the end of our series – 2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year in the world of search already! Welcome to part three on the future of local; in our final blog we’ll be discussing discussing […]

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Local Search in 2013 – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of 3 of our New Years blog series on local search. We hope you enjoyed part 1 focusing on citations, schema and 2012’s Venice update. Today we’ll move on to some of the other components of  Mike Ramsay’s mozinar and talk through duplication […]

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How NOT To Outreach

Targeted link earning isn’t easy; it’s tedious, regularly has a low success ratio and isn’t time efficient. If you own a website chances are you’ll have had something come into your inbox subtly or unsubtly requesting a link. If the linkee puts the effort in with an […]

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De-Indexation of Private Blog Networks

As supposed to giving my view on Google’s recent de-indexing of a number of links and even entire private blog networks themselves, I’ve decided this week to provide links to four fantastic blogs I’ve come across since the the update was implemented that I feel give a balanced view on the […]

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Sense the Scepticism…$1 for 4,000 Links!

This week I received an email offering to get me 450 incoming links per month for $250 US. I thought this was ridiculous. About an hour later I received another email offering to get me 4,000 links in 2 days for $1 US. This just made me […]

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