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Tech-Talk Makes Its Way Into The Oxford Dictionary

In the digital industry we love to write and blogging is a marketer’s best friend. Therefore it’s easy to see how tech-jargon can form out of typically English terms. Additionally, in a society that’s always in a rush, shortening and amalgamating language serves to give us more […]

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Long Tail Fails – Infographic

We’re so busy and important we didn’t have time to write a blog this week. Yeah, right. It was one of the team’s birthday….enough said. Despite the lack of written ramblings though, this longtail infographic by SEO Book is FANTASTIC. Take time to read – and digest […]

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If Desktop Is The Speed Of Sound, Mobile Is The Speed Of Light

I was fortunate enough to attend a major app marketing company’s networking event this week. Talking tech for three hours straight was my idea of heaven and all the audible (slightly OTT) gasps of surprise were indeed from yours truly on discovering yet another incredible fact about […]

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2014: Predictions That Came True

We have reached the year 2014 and there are no flying cars or hoverboards.  Equally, we do not live in a dystopian horror story run by alien overlords.  It appears that all the predictions we have come across in the media over the past few decades about […]

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Advanced Link Acquisition and Auditing: SMX Summary

Search Engine Land recently wrote a fabulous write up of an advanced SMX link building session…as this was published on June 17th – my birthday (no I’m not saying how old) I took it as a sign! Here is my round up of, eeerr – their round […]

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Celebrating the Fathers of Modern Technology

With Father’s Day tomorrow, we are all thinking of how our patriarchs have taught us and shaped our lives. From teaching us the core values of life, to imparting knowledge (however useless it may seem at times) to ensuring we have everything we need to face the […]

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What Is Your eCommerce Business Worth?

The e-commerce industry is growing and more and more clients are getting stellar results from ecommerce based online marketing. If you are considering buying or selling an ecommerce business, the guide below should give you a great grasp on what businesses are selling for at the moment […]

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Kabbalah Without The Bla: Spirited Away In The 21st Century

This post comes courtesy of our extremely talented copywriter, Kira Hawker. Read her thought piece about spirituality in the modern world and why it’s so confusing….and yet so simple: Spirituality has a wide spectrum, encompassing the search for a sacred knowledge of oneself and a melding of […]

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‘Appy Days – Thank F*** for Fiksu

I can’t believe I’ve just almost, nearly ever-so-slightly used the “F” word in a public blog post…am I losing it? Yes, but that was years ago – BACK to the point… I’ve recently taken on an incredibly exciting project to do with apps, one app in particular […]

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Face-to-Facebook: How Rise in Anti-Tech Videos Cover Up Benefits of Social Networking

Recently, the internet has been awash with videos and blogs aimed at demonstrating how reliant we have become on our tech, particularly with regards to social media. Various videos have gone viral and many are re-posting – slightly ironically – in order to show others how much […]

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