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Research Your Resources

There is a huge amount of content out there. And wading through it all to find something nobody else has seen can be tricky. I’ve compiled a few resources I use which deliver innovative, new and original content out there to help you stand out, and if […]

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Back From the Dead

Ok, ok – big slap on the wrist. And the hand. Even the bottom. I’ve been absent and completely neglectful of this site and indeed any kind of blogging for a good few months. But it’s ok…because I’ve written a book. Digidum It’s not a War and […]

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The A1 Sitemap Generator: An Overview

Thanks to Thomas Schulz for giving me the lowdown on this – a new sitemap generator tool for all formats including video with some pretty cool automation in there too. Over to Thomas… Creating XML sitemaps and submitting them to Google Webmaster Tools should be a primary […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 10

Welcome to week 10 – the final of our statistics series. We hope you enjoyed them and they give you an insight into what we can – and do – achieve. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of our statistics series. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. Recap week 5 here. Recap week 6 here. Recap week 7 here. Recap week 8 here. Week 9: The bar graph below shows […]

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Online Lead Generation: An Offline Guide

The ability of a business to adapt to its ever-changing environment is integral for survival. And in the field of marketing, and with particular regards to online marketing, this constant change is remarkably rapid. I often get asked how I generate my leads – so I thought […]

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To Love and To Leave: Digital Tactics for 2015

I came across a fantastic presentation by Rand Fishkin on SlideShare, it discusses the minefield of SEO tactics to love – and those to leave – in 2015, something I felt was particularly poignant at this time. I was truly gutted last week to discover an old client […]

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A Box of Tricks: Neat Digital Cheats To Make Your Life Easier

In my 6 years of working in the digital world I’ve realised that some things take a loooooong time – something I’m usually short of – hence my love for shortcuts. Any tool to make life easier and the task completed that little bit quicker is one […]

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A Digital Dictionary

I bloody hate acronyms…even worse my over-use of them in client meetings. For this reason, I’ve produced a digital dictionary – not quite up to Oxford English standards but a few days works’ worth all the same. Hope you enjoy! And if I’ve missed one out…DON’T tell me! […]

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What Is Your eCommerce Business Worth?

The e-commerce industry is growing and more and more clients are getting stellar results from ecommerce based online marketing. If you are considering buying or selling an ecommerce business, the guide below should give you a great grasp on what businesses are selling for at the moment […]

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