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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 10

Welcome to week 10 – the final of our statistics series. We hope you enjoyed them and they give you an insight into what we can – and do – achieve. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of our statistics series. Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. Recap week 5 here. Recap week 6 here. Recap week 7 here. Recap week 8 here. Week 9: The bar graph below shows […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of our statistics series! Recap week 1 here. Recap week 2 here. Recap week 3 here. Recap week 4 here. Week 5: The bar graph below shows the average social traffic increase we notice over a 12 month period for clients. The Results […]

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Visebility 12 Month Statistics Series: Week 1

Welcome to the New Year – may your businesses be fruitful and your celebratory hangovers minimal. We’ve got a good few years worth of data now having been in business since 2011, so I decided to take a look at this on a macro and micro level, […]

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Facebook Advertising: From Hater to Lover

I know, I know – I’m too school for cool with that title. It’s true though, I never used to get Facebook advertising. But now, around 2 years later I’m probably its biggest fan. Below is a basic Q&A written by someone who’s asked the questions and […]

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Why Google+ Is A Must And Seven Ways To Make The Most Of It

Whenever I say this to a client they all say – but I thought no one used Google+? Actually that’s no longer true; all major brands are on there, it seems fairly populated now and while it will never be Facebook or Twitter, I reckon it does […]

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Face-to-Facebook: How Rise in Anti-Tech Videos Cover Up Benefits of Social Networking

Recently, the internet has been awash with videos and blogs aimed at demonstrating how reliant we have become on our tech, particularly with regards to social media. Various videos have gone viral and many are re-posting – slightly ironically – in order to show others how much […]

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Inspiring Your Clients To Go Social

In my experience working with small to medium sized businesses who don’t have the capacity to have an employee solely dedicated to their social media campaign, I work alongside them to inspire them to use social media in the correct way to benefit their business themselves. I’ve […]

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Followerwonk – Why We Love That You Exist!

SEOmoz have been (thankfully) hooking up their pro members with lots of free goodies…including Followerwonk, which trust me, when it comes to social and Twitter – you need in your life. Check out some of the basic features in the infographic below created using   You […]

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Olympic Heroes of 2012 – We Salute You!

With such wonderful role models that created an unbelievable buzz around sport and Great Britain they really can be proud to inspire a nation. The Hotel Club has created this wonderful infographic as a tribute to our heroes of London 2012! This Infographic was created in association […]

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