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The Dominion of Twitter

Those of you who know me know I’m always on Twitter – introduced to me by the fabulous @BeckySocial if I have a question I’ll tweet, if I’ll have an opinion I’ll tweet, if I think of something random to say or find a cool quote I’ll […]

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New LinkedIn Features – Company Pages receive a Boost

A unique set of professional networking needs are met through LinkedIn. The popular groups facility within the platform allows groups to be closed or open and is designed to encourage discussion and interaction within the community. Recruiters use the interface regularly to scout for talent; you can […]

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In Alignment with Pinterest – Google’s Image Update

I often think the best ideas are the simplest. The idea of Pinterest seems like an astoundingly simple and effective one to me; we all love visual aids therefore why not use images and graphics to recommend things we find on the web? Pinterest is a fantastic […]

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A Summary In Social

Social media opens up an entire realm of possibilities and opportunities. The trouble is…there’s so much to learn! In amongst the fray are old hats such as LinkedIn and Twitter, the new giant Google+, some in their infancy such as Pinterest and ifttt and those relative unknowns […]

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Get Your Google+ On!

Google+ is now well on its way to being embedded into the online world after some very impressive moves by Google. Yesterday I visited a favourite online picture editor of mine, and landed on the below screen: Google+ is extending its reach to numerous quality online […]

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The Decline of Facebook and Rise of Google+?

I’ve seen reports that Facebook has over 800,000 active users. That’s an enormous platform and a lot of power. I’ve also seen reports that Facebook is losing users at a substantial rate. With the inception of Google+ six months ago and a reported 60 million members already, […]

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