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The Proof’s in the PPC

We’re all aware of the potential benefits PPC or Google Adwords can yield when a campaign is conducted properly. The UK digital space is also beginning to realise the value of A/B testing. We’ve crunched some data and run some tests on the impact of a) splitting […]

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PPC Principles: The Basics of Keyword Matching

There are numerous definitive guides out there that go into vast depths discussing keywords and their matching and mapping capabilities within a campaign – be this Adwords or organically based. For many beginners to the rabbit-hole topic that is PPC, incorrectly assigning your keyword matches can lead […]

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The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free…

After four years in the SEO game avoiding PPC like the plague, I saw it working too many times and with too many clients not to take note. With all the changes in the SEO world, this complex Google-favoured tool seemed to generate the leads I so […]

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