See What We’ve Been Cooking Up

(A Belated) Happy New Year to everyone.

As mentioned briefly at the end of 2015, we’ve got some company news.

For the last five years we’ve been working our knowledge and skill set within digital marketing. You may have heard of the phrase “inbound marketing” – and this is essentially what we do, bringing in people to your business. We typically do this through increasing website traffic, social media following or website ranking.

In this past year we’ve been working hard with inbound specialist (and now our Marketing Director) Alan Grainger to go one step further and deliver qualified leads to clients via lead generation and lead nurturing. This means leads become the overriding deliverable and there are less stats and jargon to digest each month – each individual facet of digital marketing is no longer reported on monthly.

Online Lead Generation in 2016

It’s not cold calling and it’s not SEO – though it uses it. In fact inbound lead generation utilises digital’s entire skill set of search engine optimisation, copywriting, content marketing, paid advertising, social media and other services we already offer to deliver leads.

Leads are the deliverable, not ranking and not website traffic. And we deliver these leads through a lead generation funnel and nurturing system.

How Are We Different

Other companies offer online lead generation, this is how we’re different.

  • We’ve inherited experience and proven track record in this area – we’re not bolting on a new service
  • We’re offering payment on results
  • We’re taking on a limited number of clients to ensure you receive the level of service you expect
  • We use an established network of sector specialists, designers and developers; giving the client bespoke expertise without the high retained cost
  • We’re making ourselves accountable for failure to deliver qualified leads

If you’d like to learn more about the inbound process, you can download our free handbook here. If you want to audit your current digital performance, we have a free Inbound Audit and a free Digital Channel Audit also available for download.

If you have an existing service with us, nothing will change and we look forward to continuing to deliver this service as usual.

If you’d like to speak to us about our new proposition and how this can help to benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch.