De-Indexation of Private Blog Networks

As supposed to giving my view on Google’s recent de-indexing of a number of links and even entire private blog networks themselves, I’ve decided this week to provide links to four fantastic blogs I’ve come across since the the update was implemented that I feel give a balanced view on the topic in addition to pro-active steps webmasters can take to respond to this recent development.

The first is from a friend of mine, a SEO super-cool, super-on-the-button dude…aptly named helpful guy. If you read down to the March 28th section on this blog you’ll see an article on Search Engine Watch you can access here.

It summarizes the buzz around the web and the reaction by those of us in the industry. The article talks of unnatural use of anchor text and attributes this as a possible contributing factor to the update. It also talks of the webmaster tools notices that have been received by many and concludes by saying (my favourite part) that like the “oh so nearly but not quite” petrol strike the UK nearly had over Easter, a panic-dumping of links might not be totally necessary!

The second article forms part of an eNewsletter to which I am subscribed and can be read here.

It gives constructive, basic advice on how to react to Google’s over-optimisation filter. Words from Matt Cutts are included and the eNewsletter again spreads the message not to panic. A few risky SEO methods such as fully automated link building solutions, automatic forum creation accounts and automated link exchange networks are explained as are safe SEO methods.

The third post gives a practical, proactive 19-step process to respond to the recent clamp down on private blog networks. Quite a techy post and you do need to be adept at Excel for this but great advice! You can read the article on Search Engine Land here.

Another favourite of mine, SEOmoz gives some more practical advice in this great post on how to check which links can harm your sites rankings. Fairly easy to follow these might put a few minds at rest! Read it on the SEOmoz site.

Oops Blog Networks DeindexedMy thoughts on the subject are that link-building using a variety of methods has been recommended for a long time. Putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak does have its dangers which have been proved with this over-optimisation penalty.

The search engines love change and are always working to refine their services and remove spam, if your SEO strategy comprises a number of techniques and link building methods such as outreach, social media, event sponsorship, discussion, participation, article posting, niche directory submissions and guest blogging amongst others, even if some of your links do get devalued, a broad SEO strategy should ensure some level of safety for your clients sites and their reputations.

Some of these networks can provide value and still do, overall my thoughts echo those of the first two articles…don’t panic! 🙂