If Desktop Is The Speed Of Sound, Mobile Is The Speed Of Light

BrainstormingI was fortunate enough to attend a major app marketing company’s networking event this week. Talking tech for three hours straight was my idea of heaven and all the audible (slightly OTT) gasps of surprise were indeed from yours truly on discovering yet another incredible fact about mobile…so naturally I had to write about it. Check this out:

Scary Stats

– 2 years ago approximately 10% of web traffic was from mobile and 1% of marketing budget was spent on mobile advertising
– Fast forward and it’s approximately 20% and above (in some cases a LOT more) and still, a measly 2% of marketing budget spent on mobile advertising

WHAT?! Budget is still not being allocated to converting web traffic that’s already yours!

White Wine

I was fortunate to have a chat with Fiksu CEO and Founder Micah Adler about mobile too and, having previously run a SEO company he had a wealth of knowledge to share and the following to say about mobile:

*Paraphrased – (As per my subhead I’d had a glass of wine by this point and am decidedly hazy) * 🙂

“The landscape for mobile is totally different to SEO. A huge amount depends on device identifiers and with the Playstore and App store being so different, you’ve got to work with two challenging markets simultaneously”.

I hope I kind of got that right…

Micah also mentioned that:

1. Mobile moves 3 – 5x faster than desktop (and we already get 500 algorithm updates a year)
2. Reviews are very important
3. Mobile is tougher than SEO
4. Unlike with paid and organic desktop search where purchasing paid ads does not impact organic ranking position, by using paid advertising to generate app downloads you will help your App Store organic ranking position
5. With desktop we pretty much only have Google, double that effort instantly with mobile as you have Playstore AND App Store

Also, BEWARE – most of us don’t scroll down past the top 25 of featured apps.

Illusive Identifiers

Damn that wine – I’ll try my best to remember about these anyway…

A HUGE amount depends on device identifiers (I may be using incorrect terminology here so please take this lightly). At any point in time your iPhone…or any mobile device is likely giving out identifying information even if your privacy settings are as stringent as they can be – but that’s another topic entirely.

In contrast to a cookie type situation where IP address impacts advertising and Google search results are refined according to your previous online activity, previous sites visited etc, in the app store the top 25 apps are the same top 25 apps for everyone. So personalizing app results currently doesn’t happen – eeek. That makes the ratio of apps to likely exposure look horrendous.

Additionally, in the app store (I believe – again this could be incorrect), they track a similar metric to Adwords in that they use the device identifier number to track app visits from a device vs app downloads from that same device, kind of like a CTR (click through rate). If more people browse and click rather than just browse, likelihood is you’ll do better. Playstore is also due to make a big change regarding how they use unique identifiers also, so hold your breath everyone – it’s imminent.

There was more about algorithms in there but my heads hurting from this much! What a wonderful evening, and what excitement there is to come from this mad world of mobile technology.

I think I need another glass of wine…

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July 25, 2014