Get Creative With Visebility’s Copywriter: Kira Hawker

Kira Hawker (Visebility Copywriter)

Hi there – I’m Kira and I work for Visebility as a copywriter.

Copywriting has allowed me to embrace my creative side and turned my passion for writing into a job I can really enjoy doing. The written word is an important part of our everyday lives and those who have penchant for prose can transform their hobbies into lucrative careers.

The key to being able to earn money from your writing is to develop your style and skill constantly. Here I will give you four great tips on how to hone your talents and realise your dream of professional writing.

1. Be Creative
This may seem obvious for people who write poetry and novels, but non-fiction and journalistic writers still need to embrace their creative style, despite the writing being of a primarily informative nature. In order to be creative, develop your vocabulary whenever possible so you can better explain information and engage the reader.

2. Keep Practising
Writing as a hobby is one thing but writing for work may mean you have to write about things or write in a tone you are not familiar with. One of the main tasks I face as a copywriter is adapting my style of writing to suit the needs of the client. For instance, blog writing is often in a more colloquial style whereas articles for medical or legal sites need to be of a more professionally informative tone. Practise all types of writing styles and don’t be afraid to try writing about subjects you don’t know much about, this will develop your research and citation skills.

3. Remember the Reader
Your creativity can allow you to reach new avenues of expression but you must be mindful of the fact that your work is intended for specific audiences. Remember the target audience for your work and tailor it to their needs; alienating them from your work will hide your intended message and may disengage the reader. Journalists and copywriters must also include vitally specific information in a piece and although a punchy style and expressive language is a benefit, too much can eclipse the original message and facts.

4. Do Your Research
All types of writing require proper research in order to fully engage the reader. Fiction writers must be clued up on their subject matter in order to be believable and knowing characters inside out – including their jobs – can mean having to learn and research things you have no idea about.

For copywriters and journalists, the facts must be verbatim in order to protect from any legal issues that may evolve from giving the wrong information. It’s important to have your points backed up by coherent facts to avoid any trouble in the future and gain the reader’s trust.

I have always been passionate about language in all its forms and to be able to harness that passion into paid work is a huge boost to my creative side. Working for Visebility has allowed me to embrace and learn new things, and showcase my work to the world.