Get Your Google+ On!

Google+ is now well on its way to being embedded into the online world after some very impressive moves by Google.

Yesterday I visited a favourite online picture editor of mine, and landed on the below screen:

SEO Consultant Picnik

Google+ is extending its reach to numerous quality online facilities and tools that so many of us use daily. The fabulous Picnik photo editor as an example of this will now transfer its features to the Google+ platform. Moves such as this will certainly entice me to use it more.

I also registered a YouTube account for a client last week and discovered that in order to register them for YouTube I needed to register them for a Gmail account. YouTube is widely considered to be the second biggest search engine, second only to Google itself. Google’s clever alignment with such universal and influential tools is perhaps indicative of some exciting new facilities and services to come in the future.

Another point, also noted on the recent SEOMoz blog video is the high ranking of Google+ profiles. When putting my name into the search engine, although a much younger and less established profile, my Google+ profile ranks first. The video on this blog provides some more detailed insights into how the platform is being integrated. Personally, I find the point about new listings on the right hand side of the pages very interesting.

Charlotte Waller Google Ranking Factors

Echoing the sentiments of the SEOMoz blog…formulate a Google+ strategy! Keep your profile updated, take care of it and incorporate it immediately into your social media strategy. Implement the +1 button on your website and encourage people to +1 your site if they like it. Add people to your circles also and try to grow your network.

Another feature of the platform is the instant social assessment of a website which is now accomplished by showing those contacts in your network that have previously +1’d a site. This original facility serves a multitude of functions; encouraging visits, a sense of trust and ultimately improving ranking of your site for your connections.

This recent blog post by Google too, explains last weeks “Search, Plus Your World” move, which gives the option of only Google+ results being displayed in your search results – another substantial step towards implementing the platform worldwide.

In conclusion, their collaboration with powerful online platforms such as YouTube and Picnik, the high ranking of Google+ profiles and pages, the increased prominence of Google+ results in the SERP’s, the instant visual recommendations of other websites through the +1’s from others in your network, the vast benefits and facilities available with Gmail (personally I feel Gmail to be the best email interface around) and the personalisation of search results with only Google+ results shows a well-rounded, intelligent and thorough campaign.

I believe they’ve got the right platform this time, my question is, are they going to keep their core values intact enough to retain current search volume across the globe?