How To Build A Natural Link Profile: Five Tips

Link building is rarely an easy task; it’s often tempting to rush and take short cuts. Below are five tips to help you build a natural link profile:

1. Use a combination of follow and no-follow
More aggressive SEO tactics are likely to dismiss no-follow links as they don’t pass on link juice. These links however, can be a great way to drive traffic, encourage recommendations and increase brand awareness. No follows are included in many of the available link-analysis tools link counts; they still provide value – if not link juice. There is a chance too that search engines may look on sites with few or no no-follows with suspicion.

2. Build links from a variety of sources
Putting “all your eggs in one basket” when link building only takes an unfriendly algorithm update to demolish all those painstaking months of work. Obtaining links from a variety of sources is a more natural way to build your profile in addition to being steadier and more secure.

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3. Link-build consistently
We all know there are tools out there to gain thousands of incoming links in a short space of time – we also know the majority of these links are likely to be “spammy” and low quality. It’s natural to build links over a period of time; as we forge connections through social media or new clients, it is inevitable to then build links through recommendations, testimonials and new content sharing. Look for variety and consistency and remember – the link building is never done 🙂

4. Get links from sites relevant to your industry
The search engines are all about relevancy – why would they rank a non-relevant site in the SERP’s? Users are trying to find what they need; linking sites relevant to what your site is about can give more credibility and add extra weight to your relevancy ranking.

5. Link to multiple pages of your site
It’s unnatural for every link to point to the home page of your site. In reference in particular to larger sites that contain more information, there will be topics covered on different pages that may warrant different links. Of course some pages such as the contact page and the deeper pages don’t provide much value in relevancy if linked to, however topical pages are often relevant and can complement your link profile.

Remembering links can take a while to do their work, having patience and the foresight to assess where links will be coming from are valuable attributes when optimising your site’s link status. I hope the above five tips are helpful.

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