Innovations in Local Mobile Search from Across the Pond

One point five million dollars of investment from firms including Google along with an additional three million dollars from other sources; 200 sales before a working product was launched and 5500 total sales in less than six months of trading – this could be good.

In fact it’s just won “Best Business Model” in the US…check out the Press release here.

The Sales Pitch
I appreciate that mobile searches day is coming…and it has been for a number of years now. Success of relative newcomer Appstack to the concept could be the beginning of the coming of age mobile search has been chasing for so long. Originally pitched to Google the idea was

“A mobile website for small to medium sized businesses with the functionality of an app”

Another tagline being:

“Targeted mobile advertising”

Take a look at this:

The History
The company, now 30 strong in the US is growing at a well deserved rapid rate; if you take a look at them onsite you’ll see a fantastic website with a wonderfully fun, light and genuine feel. The staff pictures in particular inspire a chuckle in most, well…they do for us digital geeks anyway 🙂

The Product
So, you’re a local business, you have a website – but you don’t have a mobile website. Darn…

Appstack works alongside your website, displaying a mobile website when people searching on mobile devices, conduct their Google searches. The cinch comes in that because of investment from and an affiliation with Google, your mobile site is connected with Google Adwords. Location is set for example for all people within a two or three mile radius (all dependent on industry and search volume), as are your PPC keywords and phrases – all amendable and monitored monthly, then when people search for your target phrase which has been derived for you from Appstack Adwords testers on their mobile, your mobile site shows up in the search results. At present this is the only mobile search tool linked in with Google’s PPC system.

A choice of interfaces is available for your mobile site dependent on your industry for you to choose from and I believe you can also get a bespoke design should you wish. Having been shown the interface by their UK representative I can verify its simplicity and usability, even among non-computer folk. Most of the designs I’ve seen are between five to ten pages and you can design and edit your mobile site whenever you choose. As with other content management systems such as Joomla or WordPress, you receive a log in where you can go and edit your contact information, data, content or special offers at any time, you can also link your mobile site to your main website. Once you’re all set up and agreed, your mobile site goes live within half a day – the reason this is not instant is that time needs to be spent linking the site up to Adwords.

Results & Reporting
The reports are fantastic and delivered monthly. They list items like the number of impressions, number of times your site was displayed, the number of click throughs and the number of conversions i.e. the number that clicked to call or the number that clicked to ask for directions. Data for these figures is derived from Google Analytics. See below:

Appstack Local Search

The Price
Fifty pounds (£50) per month; £30 of this goes on your PPC Adwords spend, £20 goes to Appstack for monitoring of the campaign and any admin…that’s actually it for once!

As a comparison I’m told the cost of a lower end mobile site is around £600 and with regards to statistics – in America 85% go from the free trial in to full service.

There is an opt out option too if you don’t feel the service is working for you and you get the first month for free due to Google’s offer of £50 free advertising for their first month.

The Techy Stuff
Once linked up, each client has their own automatic account which is linked to the Appstack MCC used to run each individual PPC account.

At the moment your URL on your mobile site shows up as a sub domain of Appstack reading something like Programmers are working on this to make each site a subdomain of your original website.

Give it a Go!
Click here to have a play yourself NB: the two pink buttons on the bottom of the interface bring up more options.

Appstack Mobile Search

I went into this meeting a skeptic; I came out still looking but not finding a flaw which is rare for me! I think this is a wonderful solution for local, targeted mobile search and I will be recommending Appstack highly as a service.

More Information
The UK representative is Charlie Whitaker who can be contacted at: and connected with on LinkedIn as Charlie Whitaker.

You can also like Appstack UK here: