Testing Testing 1, 2, 3…

I attended a Moz webinar last week hosted by Cara Harshman, Content Manager at Optimizely, which was extremely insightful – so much so I’ve signed up and am using Optimizely for my clients’ PPC campaigns as we speak.


The webinar went through the basics of A/B testing – there were a few polls to keep everyone engaged (I definitely wasn’t the one person to get the landing page poll incorrect, ahem…) and some brilliant case studies.


Thai…all the way.

Actual Takeaways…

The slightest change in your landing page – be this the removal of a banner, a font or colour change, a change in wording or the slight dilution of your landing page message can make massive differences when it comes to conversion rate – as in it can double it, or reduce it to nothing. A/B testing can have a serious effect on conversions, way more than I realised.

Similarly, on the other end of the funnel when putting together your Adgroups and choosing your keywords, be specific. An Adgroup directed at occupational physiotherapy should lead to a landing page about occupational physiotherapy and only occupational physiotherapy, one about thai takeaways should lead to a thai takeaway landing page and nothing else… three guesses as to what my Saturday night’s going to entail.

Can We Trust Optimizely?

Check out their Adwords ad… just genius! I know Adwords and even I clicked and signed up 😉


Does it Work?

For all my CRO “knowledge” I’ve set up Optimizely for one of my PPC campaigns and am running some simple tests – preliminary results are that the test version of my landing page has had NO visitor engagement – wow.

Previously, ignorance may well have resulted in me publishing that landing page and I could have said hello to a ridiculous bounce rate and bye bye to page engagement and conversions and, further down the line, the client. I’m surprised – after following all the landing page rules; trust symbols, a snappy message, calls to action, reduced text… it didn’t work. But the beauty of testing is, I keep going until I get it right.

Testing your landing pages it seems can yield a lot of surprises – after all, your target audience may not like the standard “norm”. Never before has the adage “live and learn” been more apt.