My Top SEO Resources and Tools

SEO Consultants CompassRather ironic, that in the world of search engine optimisation where we are continually working to promote quality results to the top of the SERP’s that there’s a lot of bad information about. Articles and blogs that contradict each other, give conflicting information or that are out-dated can unintentionally give you misleading information. Below are some great resources to go to for questions and answers along with some analysis tools:

Twitter! (
Perhaps the MOST useful tool I’ve seen – yes it’s a social networking platform but the Twitter community is wonderful. You can post a question, commence or contribute to a debate, keep up to date with the latest news, create a name for yourself, follow thought leaders in your industry, network effectively, meet clients, friends, and superiors, educate others, follow trends and learn indefinitely. Become a member of the Twitter community and engage in it – I cannot recommend this highly enough.

SEOMoz to learn SEO: (
The “God’s” of SEO, these guys give completely white hat, effective advice and are a fantastic source for commencing your SEO learning. Becoming a pro member gives you access to other features of the site, in particular the Q and A which gives up to date information from some of the most respected people in the industry. As a general rule, whatever these guys say, I tend to do.

Ezine articles (
An article submission site and a white hat tool for link-building. Having had many of my articles rejected and re-rejected from here before they finally get approved, I know from experience that the site is respected and they don’t publish rubbish. A published article here provides great exposure for your site and brand.

Google Adwords Tool: (
Still one of the best free keyword research tools around – it does after all come from the masters. Global monthly, local monthly, other similar and competition levels of search terms and phrases are all supplied at the click of a mouse.

Search Engine Land: (
Widely regarded and utilised by top professionals in the field, this resource provides knowledge that you can count on. The blog also gives a clever collaboration of SEO news from around the globe on a daily basis.

Open site explorer (
Great for link analysis; become an SEOMoz pro member and you can use this feature on an unlimited basis – non-members have an upper limit as to how many URL’s they can search per day. Social metrics, backlinks, anchor text, link sources, page authority and domain authority are just some of the metrics reported upon through this tool. Always keep your own linkscape for each site you work on as well as using this so you know what links you’ve put in where. There are still likely to be more links in place than this tool captures; it aims to mirror the algorithms and so ranks only the best quality links. This tool is constantly being monitored and updated also, a lot of care and effort is put into ensuring it delivers you authentic results. It’s also a great way to measure your site against that of your competitors.

Website analyzer (
Similar to the above, this is another great tool for complete analysis of your site. Less focused on links than open site explorer, this offers some fantastic all-round metrics. The keyword cloud in particular is a wonderful visual aid, universally demonstrating keyword prominence on your site. I’ve not seen many of these around and I’d highly recommend this tool. Ratings for keyword usage are also given on this tool as well as some of the bigger directory listings (open directory, Yahoo).

Keyword prevalence tracker (
Something I’ve come across only recently, a key use of this can be to avoid “keyword stuffing” or repeating yourself either intentionally or through ignorance. This will show you how many times you’ve used phrases throughout your piece of writing, useful when writing articles for submission to help these submit first time.