New Innovations For Content Creation

content creation seo lightbulbBehind the scenes and at the forefront of this information sharing era, elaborate tools and innovations are being continuously brought out to optimise the content delivered to users today.

Blogs, articles, videos or other news items containing new and valuable content often rank well within the SERP’s; this has been occurring for some time. High quality content intended for the readers benefit is a must have for your site, ideally as an integrated element of it in order to credit your site with the content.

I recently viewed a blog post by a major IT software firm which contained a summary of a lecture by a representative from Google Research, Alon Halevy. The blog talked about two new Google products: Google Fusion Tables and Google Webtables.

The intention of these is to create new information through the combination of two independent structured data sources. As an example, a Google Fusion Table was shown to combine data containing earthquake instances since 1973 with current nuclear installations to convey meaningful information quickly. In turn, Google Webtables are designed to analyse data semantics, something which has been challenging due to the brittle relationships between tables and their semantics, cultural differences and language barriers.

“Webtables are designed to recover “good” relations from a crawl and enable search…discovering a (structured) needle in an (unstructured) haystack”. Once discovered, structured data can then be used for analysis.

As a final conclusion, Alon hinted that we can expect more developments to aid the creation of information as Google refines better techniques to discover structured data on the web and unify that data with information from other sources.

Focussing back on something closer to home, Google has also brought out its Standout Tag. Designed to alert Google of high value content, placing this tag within the head tag of your content emphasizes it to the search engines. Encouraged not to implement on your own content more than 7 times per week, the idea is to use this for other content you come across and would recommend in addition to your own – as we already know, reviews and recommendations are favoured mechanisms of SEO.

To conclude, content sharing and content creation seem to be high on the list of the webs priorities. Creating quality content and crediting this wheres it’s due is something I feel SEO’s should be advocating. Both in the high tech world and for websites in general, the focus now is on content creation and effective sharing.

Post by Charlotte Waller. Read our intro on the SEO Gemini main page.