New LinkedIn Features – Company Pages receive a Boost

A unique set of professional networking needs are met through LinkedIn. The popular groups facility within the platform allows groups to be closed or open and is designed to encourage discussion and interaction within the community. Recruiters use the interface regularly to scout for talent; you can network with your peers and your profile can be made public to increase exposure. This champion of professional networks has recently introduced some new features seemingly targeted at increasing awareness and interactivity of its company pages.

I previously believed static company pages to be a redundant feature for smaller companies utilising them across the network. Indeed, I realise that educating followers to the caliber and size of a business, promoting special offers and products in addition to increasing the accessibility of a company provides useful and original information, however aside from attaining large numbers of followers, the pages appeared to be quite limited in their functionality.

This is why I’m excited that recently company pages have become more interactive in keeping with other platforms occupying the social space. Perhaps in correspondence with LinkedIns high rankings in the SERPs and Google’s algorithm updates promoting recent content up the rankings, LinkedIn recently introduced company status updates. As with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for which status updates are a prominent feature this adds interest to the LinkedIn company pages. Promoting something of interest to followers keeps them in touch with the brand and seeing a companies message on their company page can prove very powerful, elevating the importance of creating the right tone of voice in all updates posted.

Last week LinkedIn brought out another new update on its developer site in what I believe to be a second smart move inspired from existing platforms. You can now insert a Follow Company button on to your website.

LinkedIn Company Social Media

You can already insert a View Profile button for your LinkedIn personal profile, an application which has been extended to the company pages. Another link to a companies social following and another tool to increase followers and spread important news and messages, I anticipate this feature will be welcome across both small and large businesses.

So, what are the next steps? Are there any other features you’d like to see on LinkedIn? I personally feel a review option to review companies similar to that on Google Maps listings might be useful so companies can be assigned a rating according to employee experience.

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts below!