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For our latest items and mentions around the web look no further as we’ve assembled them all here! We’re proud of what we do and hey – we want to show off a little!


Womens Prospects Feature

Above, I contributed a post to prestigious publication Women’s Prospects. Read it here and watch this space for more posts.



Above, I was interviewed by Floyd Gonda for his site, Super Kaizen. Floyd has interviewed some big names so I was pleased to be asked. The post is about SEO and covers penalties, practices and performances over the years I’ve been working in the field. Read it here.


This is a piece I wrote for business website Small Business Can. It’s about how small businesses can eradicate those irritating distractions that decrease their productivity, taking some pretty full-on examples of how others have done it previously. Read it here.


This piece was a feature in a site called I give my thoughts on getting started in the SEO industry, giving the steps I would take if I were to do so now. Read it here.

Link Building Tip SEOIndustry Expert Roundup – Link Building/SEO
Charlotte Waller was featured in this expert round up which asked 44 industry experts for link building tips and SEO. Read the piece here.


Content Marketing FeatureIndustry Expert Roundup – Budget Marketing
Charlotte Waller was featured in this expert round up which asked 46 industry experts about what they’d spend a $500 marketing budget on and the advice they’d give to someone looking to get into this area. Read the piece here.



Technology in the handsWebmaster Tools…Webmaster What?
Visebility contributed a guest post to the Business-Software business, community and technology community. Read it here.




Niche BloggingIndustry Expert Roundup – Niche Blogging

Charlotte Waller was featured in this expert round up which asked 60 industry experts about niche blogging and the advice they’d give to someone looking to get into this area. Read the piece here.







BlekkoDark Horse SEO Blogs That Look Very Promising
Perhaps the one we’re most proud of. We’ve been accepted and listed on the respected and relatively new kid on the block anti-spam search engine Blekko.

We were also delighted as a result of this to be featured in the SEO On React blog as a “dark horse” in the world of SEO. Read the post here.


Interview Search Marketing Charlotte WallerInterview with “Search Marketing Gemini” Charlotte Waller
Massive picture across the top of yours truly (hand over face) and a great interview by the lovely and very talented Ryan Gibson (@SEO_monkey). The post covers my views on homeworking and includes: stereotyping, hours, isolation, the perks, the benefits, sad lack of a Christmas party, industry thoughts and those ever so slightly too-long conversations with the cats! Read the interview here.


SEOmozSEO Gemini Appearance in Mozcon!
Ok we can’t lie, this sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was…however any affiliation with SEOmoz – however tiny – we’re going to show off to the world! The lovely Director of Community Jennifer Sable Lopez gave us a slide all to ourselves in her 2012 Mozcon presentation! We’re always looking to be active members of the search engine marketing community, the subject of her presentation and this clearly pays off with SEO Gemini featured on the same slide as the “Daddy” of SEO, SEOmoz! View the presentation here (slide 52).

Expert Views: WHY Social Media is Important

My view on the main benefits on social media both in the SEO space and in the social space itself; what it’s best used for, how not to use it and the dangers of spreading yourself too thin trying to be present and authoritative on too many platforms. Read the complete post here.


SEO ChemistEthics, Tricks and Buying Links
A guest post for the brilliant Oliver Whitham of SEO Chemist on the practices of link-building. The post looks at the difficulties of policing the practice, detecting bought links and traceability. Read the complete post here.

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