Sense the Scepticism…$1 for 4,000 Links!

This week I received an email offering to get me 450 incoming links per month for $250 US. I thought this was ridiculous.

About an hour later I received another email offering to get me 4,000 links in 2 days for $1 US. This just made me laugh.

If it’s perfectly plausible to have an entire team of link-builders working on a small number of high profile campaigns for a large firm and if granting approval for someone to get you 4,000 links for $1 dollar in two days are both viable options, these bigger companies must be seriously missing a trick.

Links can come from a multitude of sources:
– Other websites
– Guest blogging
– Social sharing
– Article submissions
– Directories
– Blog comments
– Shareable, unique and valuable content
– Embedding infographics and images
– Referrals and connections
– Sponsorship of events

Why 4,000 quality incoming links in 2 days is at best…unreasonable

The higher the quality of the incoming link, the harder it is in my experience to gain. Although basing your quest for links on page authority isn’t recommended, as a guide, it is something to consider. Getting a link from these coveted, related, high quality websites with some juicy anchor text can feel practically impossible at times.

Locating the link I want to gain, whether via Open Site Explorer, Google Alerts, Twilerts or competitor analysis can take me 1 hour. Browsing through the target site, assessing whether a link to my site can add value to them, locating a position where the link may be suitable – another 30 minutes. Composing an infographic, formulating some content and deciding what I can contribute to the site owner that might be worth a link – 1 hour. Composing the email, 30 minutes.

Call me slow, and I’m sure more practiced SEO’s can accomplish this far more efficiently but I calculate that to be a total of 3hours. Granted, lower quality link outreach can take far less time, for example directory submissions, article submissions and the occasional blog comment, but even content-type outreach can easily span a number of hours. Researching and creating an infographic or unique content and presentations can eat up a substantial amount of hours – gaining good quality links takes time.

So…doing the maths, averaging out the high and low quality links and being overly optimistic and saying an average of 1hour each…you’re still looking at 4,000 hours, or 166.6 days. Aside from being equipped with a super-army of interstellar bots, I think the likelihood of gaining valuable links this way is negligible.

To conclude:

Link building isn’t easy. It isn’t fast and I’m sure a lot of SEO’s suffering from hair loss can attribute their condition to it.Have you had any ridiculous link-building offers come in? Do leave your comments!