The Slideshare Must Go On…

Slideshare_LogoA somewhat undervalued platform in my opinion considering it gives “death by powerpoint” a place to retire peacefully and feel worthwhile again. Sitting in a mundane meeting with a monotone voice to accompany the seemingly endless slides and that ingratiating little page marker that never seems to get past “slide 12 out of 597”, painful. But online though, where you’re the boss and can flick through with ease and a coffee…that’s a different story.

In a conference where you’ve paid to be there, it’s fine to sit through an hour talk whilst an expert educates you going through their slides one by one, but meeting after meeting after meaningless meeting I agree, it is death by powerpoint.

Nowadays the digital environment is a visual one though, and let us not forget that powerpoints are visual and thus useful. How many times have you wished you could just get hold of the damn thing in a meeting and flick through the slides at your own pace, grabbing all the salient points as you go? Me…a lot. Hello Slideshare.

In the digital arena we’re lucky in that a lot of experts – the guys at Moz, Koozai etc upload their conference powerpoints to Slideshare after they’ve spoken. Ok, you miss a lot of the accompanying golden nuggets of info, but you get the main points…all for free. So if £500 for a days conference doesn’t float your boat or your budget, try browsing the platform, you’ll get a ton of value.

Sharing is caring. Google wants us to share, social media sites do, hell even our own sites do. The embed and share features are brilliant and easy to use, and boy does it get your branding out there.

A client of mine gave me a powerpoint to do with as I wished after a conference – 3 hours, 3100 visits and 73 downloads later I think it’s fair to say we got them some exposure. We even made it onto the front page of Slideshare which, given its close affiliation with LinkedIn did us no end of good. How easy is it to get on the front of Mashable? Or TechRadar? Very impressive reach for a side thought…

It’s a different audience, embed it on your site and it attracts traffic. It is another way to get your client seen online which, in our business hey – isn’t that what we do?

Slideshare – the show MUST go on.

PS…Irony of not doing this blog on a Slideshare duly noted…