That Buzzphrase: High Quality Content

SEO Tips ContentIn a post-panda world thin content is now a major no-no. Creating high quality content is a must-have and “quality content” is the new buzz phrase.

High quality content however, requires an authority on that subject writing it, therefore crediting every piece of writing as “high quality” may be de-valuing the phrase.

Having to spend so much of my time researching and writing my own blog, putting my thoughts down and making ideas my own, I appreciate what it takes to produce new content, a lot of time and a far reach from automated spam – SEO now demands even more of a monumental effort. However, the satisfaction of producing something you’re proud of, promoting it on the social networks and discovering that a) people actually read it and b) people actually learn from it and recommend it to others, does make all the hours formulating, drafting and correcting worthwhile.

Some tips to deliver content are to try to write about something new – a topic which isn’t already flooded with literature and blogs on the internet. Top tips and simple guides can be useful for others to view also. Try to write about something you’re passionate about and promote your content effectively. A lone tweet or stumble may mean people that could have benefited from your content miss it; promote your content more than once to optimise traffic and exposure.

As search engine optimisation, particularly for those higher competition keywords becomes more competitive and the algorithms more sophisticated, the qualities on and off-site required to rank top ten are becoming harder and harder to obtain and reach. The analysis of content plays a key part in this, and now, ironically enough, in a world filled with computers the human brain is playing a more major role.

Social media and content are two components I feel that go hand in hand; with these growing in prominence in the rankings, taking time to write something yourself and create an online personality is beneficial to your SEO campaign.