The Dominion of Twitter

Those of you who know me know I’m always on Twitter – introduced to me by the fabulous @BeckySocial if I have a question I’ll tweet, if I’ll have an opinion I’ll tweet, if I think of something random to say or find a cool quote I’ll tweet – to say I’m an advocate of this wonderful platform would be an understatement.

This week I’ve dedicated a blog to just some of the things I use Twitter for and have gained out of it – perhaps it may go some way to explaining why the Twittersphere is growing so expeditiously. NB: As I predominantly use the space for work my points are going to be business related.

1. Gaining clients
Yes I’ve actually made money from Twitter! A number of clients have found me this way or indirectly heard about me through someone that follows me. Use it properly and you can enjoy financial gains.

Related to this point is networking – something that can definitely get you clients, online networking particularly in the online industry (funny that!) is vital and Twitter is the perfect platform through which this can work. Networking effectively and using all the tools Twitter has to offer for this means can frequently be beneficial for business and I can think of many to whom this applies.

2. Being Personable
I don’t feel this point can translate across all industries, perhaps some such as law or finance may need to skip this one – but feel free to challenge in the comments below! Twitter offers a wonderful opportunity to be personable with others, deviating away from the strict and formal tone of so many brands and interacting more with customers in real time. Response rates can be so much quicker if you set up email alerts for @mentions too, creating a faster response time to those trying to reach you. Reputation management is crucial and can be managed so effectively online! An easy way to communicate with your customers, I believe Twitter is now instrumental to online reputation management.

3. Joining In and Interacting
The community is a wonderful one to interact with. You can give your opinion on certain topics through popular and trending hash tags and communicate with others, networking and building up a genuine following. It’s so easy to meet new people online and forge valuable relationships (a white hat link building tactic in SEO don’t ya know ;)), connecting with people just as you would offline.

4. Helping Others
Giving back to the community is easy and surprisingly rewarding! People often post questions or SOS’s as supposed to or in addition to posting something to a forum. Being there for others can help in establishing you as an authority and becoming known in your expert subject as well as earning you the reputation of being an all-round helpful dude!

5. Gaining Authority and Managing Reputation
Heard of the platform Klout? Measure your influence throughout the social space and monitor this – look at your peers too, it’s interesting to see how things progress. By being an active member of the community and being consistent your authority will build over time (the odd retweet or at mention from someone respected in your industry might not go amiss either!)

6. Living and LEARNING
Wow what a lot I’ve learnt…and what a steep learning curve I’ll admit. People post a lot of links to their profiles and it’s entirely possible to lose a day migrating from one blog to another learning a huge amount but getting nothing else done in the process :).

Ask when you need help too; you can gain a much more rounded opinion by three or four people telling you their thoughts on Twitter as supposed to the level of insight you can gain from one news item.

7. Promoting Yourself and Your Content
If you write something good, promote it, something great…hey you may need to brag a little! Especially if you have news or knowledge about a hot topic you can get some really high readership rates – particularly if you throw a few retweets and @mentions in to the mix too.

It’s also good etiquette to promote other content that you enjoy and think is valuable; people do the same for you and it’s a great way to forge relationships for example: “I really enjoyed your piece on …”. A simple, easy and genuine way to make an introduction.

8. Keeping up to Date – Real Time
Lastly, how many of us turn to Twitter to search for the hashtag when major news breaks versus turns on the news channels? The news of Whitney Houston passing away famously broke in less than thirty minutes with the niece of Houston’s hair stylist being the first to take to the platform. More recently the news of Fabrice Muamba broke; as did the developments about his condition on Twitter. Also, it’s hard to ignore now that TV and radio frequently quote Twitter posts as they come in.

To deny the power of this platform is futile, sure there are those who abuse it for negative means however the benefits of it are astounding to me. Whoever knew “140” would become such an important number :).

Post by @SEOGemini.