Unwrapping the Updates before Christmas – (Pun Totally Intended…)

For those of you that follow our account on Twitter you may have seen that we’ve noticed a few festive updates affecting the cyber city of search engine marketing (SEM) over the past week. We’ve taken a tour and gone through the top three we’ve seen, below is exactly what you need to know about each!

LinkedIn – livens up
It’s had a revamp! And not before it’s time either…I appreciate that it’s a professional platform however that doesn’t have to equal dull. If you’re actively on LinkedIn chances are you would have received an email around December 11 when the updates came into play – basically though – they have a new profile format. Not unlike when Twitter pushed out its new format or Facebook pushed out timeline.

First impressions are that the new profile is a lot more visually stimulating with larger logos and more immediately noticeable (Facebook déjà vu anyone?) profile updates right near the top, Slideshare thumbnails are more prominent if you have any uploaded presentations, current positions and endorsements are all in bigger fonts and there seem to be many more pictures and visual representations for example the circular way your LinkedIn network is portrayed. Each section has a cute little hallmark which is a nice touch too – I particularly like the scroll for education…I’m a geek though. A bolder and more fun format this gets an SEO Gemini thumbs up.

Other important points to note of the new profile are that the following LinkedIn apps are no longer be supported on the homepage or profile:

– Presentations
– My Travel
– LinkedIn Events

Also important to note is that not everyone will have the completely new profile yet with regards to showcasing rich content such as presentations, videos and documents…I was one of the lucky few it would seem! Oh shucks… I feel so special! 🙂 #chuffed

Mailchimp – more monkeying around
Google+ incorporates a lot of drag and drop functionality into its features and it seems like Mailchimp has followed suit…and I LOVE IT! SEO Gemini thumbs up numero dos.

I love Mailchimp, not least because of the fun and totally random anecdotes whenever you log on but for the interface, transparency, efficiency and ease of use. They’ve now trumped themselves AND done their bit for mobile – even my Mum can figure out drag and drop for goodness sake! Their video demo is well worth a watch…see it here.

Dropbox Update SEO GeminiDropbox – because sharing is caring
You can now share your Dropbox content…with ANYONE. Here’s the blurb from their email:

“Sharing files is a huge pain – you have to compress, attach, upload, and a bunch of other verbs that are a waste of your time. Forget that! We just invented the best way to get stuff from your computer to the rest of the world.”

Share with anyone – regardless of whether or not they use Dropbox. A powerful move and one I suspect that will yield a whole load of new festive signups when they see how generally awesome and unique this tool is. Do I hear someone say “cloud”? 😉

Que SEO Gemini thumbs up numéro trois.

Note how the funky, innovative and forward-thinking platforms are pushing out updates over Christmas…ok this probably has something to do with hefty sales targets but it also speaks volumes about their drive and willingness to move with the times – digital is always changing, and these guys not only know it but use it advantageously.