Video from SMX West – Susan Wojcicki of Google Speaks

Googles SVP of Advertising Susan Wojcicki spoke recently at SMX West 2012. You can view the rest of her videos on Search Engine Land.

I was interested particularly in the first video about Google+ and Search Plus Your World which is embedded in this post. Interesting points to take from the video are summarized below:

When asked about how advertisers can best maximize the platform we were told that firstly, companies should create a Google+ page and use it. After creating a plus page accumulating more +1s will help this become more of an authority page within the network. Additionally some advertisers are now doing other exciting things with the tool. Susan talks of the hangouts feature almost as a Q&A forum, using the social space to answer customer queries.

Secondly the issue “so, what’s in it for Google?” was raised. The vision we are told is to move into the next generation of search. Logged in members of Google+ offer information to Google allowing it to customize and personalize search results more than ever before for each user. Another benefit to the company is the incorporation of other Google products into search results for the user which I imagine yields massive benefits.

Susan concludes that yes, Google+ is a social network but it’s also an opportunity for Google to work across its products and provide more relevant search results.

View the video and leave your thoughts.