Where’s SEO Headed In Q22012?

We’ve ventured into the world of online videos and got ourselves on YouTube (overdue we know!). In this video we get back to basics and talk about how SEO and social media helps business, we also give thoughts on where we believe the industry is headed in Q22012 (our thoughts at the start of 2012 can be read here). These thoughts interestingly were echoed on BBC Breakfast on April 3 2012 where we were given the figures for online advertising and the spokesperson informed the audience that online marketing now works most effectively as part of a broader marketing strategy.

In summary the video covers two basic benefits of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media in business:

1. Gaining accessibility to a wider online audience through ranking well in the search results
2. Managing your reputation and brand online – people talk!

We then talk about Q22012 and where the industry is headed. We believe this is as part of a broader marketing strategy and not as a stand alone action.

An example of a brand we’re working with is explained and how they are maximising PR efforts through SEO and Social Media to market their brand effectively online and offline.

Finally, we thank you for watching…until next time…bye!

Please leave your thoughts and criticisms as this is our first effort!